Course: Exercises in Information Sciences II (Theorem Proving)

Every Wednesday from 10:40 to 12:10
Rooms: 理学部3号館504室 or 共通講義棟3号館408室

[Theme] In a course of mathematical logic, a student performs pen-and-paper formal proofs by means of logical derivations. How does a student know that her formal proof is correct? complete? Alternatively, she can use a software/tool such as a proof assistant. The advantage of using a proof assistant in the class is to, first, check the correctness of a proof, and, second, assist the student in writing a formal proof where no step is omitted, the logic is explicit and the proof method is clearly stated.

[Objective] In this class, we:

Course materials

Other documents

List of natural deduction rules for the propositional logic: rules1
List of natural deduction rules for the predicate logic: rules2
Difference between erule and rule: examples


Quiz during the class: 50%
Assignements: 50%


Fadoua Ghourabi

Contact: ghourabi "dot" fadoua "at" ocha "dot" ac "dot" jp
Office: 人間文化創成科学研究科・全学共用研究棟 603室
For questions, students can visit my office on Friday from 14:00 to 16:00

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