The workshop will be held in Gammarth, Tunisia. The exact location will be announced later.

Gammarth is 20km north east of Tunis and 10km north of the archeological site of Carthage. The legendary Phoenician princess Dido founded Carthage (814 B.C) and the city possessed economic, cultural, and military power in the Mediterranean during Punic and Roman eras. Princess Dido was talented in Mathematics. Nowadays, there is a mathematical problem named after her. Dido's problem has a fascinating and romantic legend.


Further information will be announced later.

Local transportation

Yellow metered taxis are available in Tunis and its subburbs with reasonable costs. Usually, taxi drivers at the airport refuse to use meter (for travelers as well as local residents). To avoid surprises, we recommend that you negociate the price before getting into the vehicle from the airport. From our experience, from the airport, the transportation to Gammarth costs 20~30TND in average (about 1500JPY, 12EUR ).


In case visa to Tunisia is required, please contact Prof. Bouhoula to receive an invitation letter.

Local arrangement committee

Mohamed Bécha Kaaniche (Sup'Com, University of Carthage, Tunisia)
Hanen Boussi Rahmouni (University of El Manar, Tunisia) (Chair)
Fadoua Ghourabi (Ochanomizu University, Japan)
Riadh Ksantini (Sup'Com, University of Carthage, Tunisia)
Amina Saadaoui (Sup'Com, University of Carthage, Tunisia)